sometimes highly established brands decide to
rebrand their logo or even their entire identity

and sometimes it does go really well however there
are those other times where it can end up being

a complete and utter disaster often costing
the brand hundreds of thousands of dollars

so the first logo redesign fail comes
from a questionable food product brand

and that is craft foods now they’re one of the
world’s most well-known and iconic food brands

the original logo wasn’t pretty let’s face it it’s
not that attractive to look at but at least it was

somewhat memorable and it was pretty simple people
from all over the world knew of the craft logo

that being said in 2012 they decided to rebrand
the new logo is a mishap of confusion and

chaos the design is way too busy to ever become
iconic with the upper line having two different

logo type weights and then below the strap line
having a new font and in two different colors


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yeah i get it they were trying to be more friendly
with the use of lowercase and script lettering

but the execution was a complete failure now these
two fonts are not complementary and they do not

work well together as a pair so if you’re going
to use two different fonts for a logo at least

make sure they are a good pair also what’s
going on with this generic swoosh on the design

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but yeah my main issue with this logo is that it
uses nine different colors the layout also is not

a nice setup and it’s pretty untidy which causes a
sense of visual disharmony on the right hand side

but the true testament to how much
of a fail this logo design was

is the fact that craft reverted back
to the original logo some months later

so the second logo redesign fail
comes from the financial sector

now again the original logo for capital one wasn’t
you know a design masterpiece it looks pretty ugly

i mean what’s going on with this a on the capital

also the one is aligned to the bottom of the p
for some strange reason however the 2008 rebrand

was a whole different kind of ugly the design
was meant to appeal to the younger generation

yet somehow the logo appears more outdated than
the first one the use of a fade and also an

emboss on the swoosh looks like something you’d
expect from microsoft clipart back in the 1990s

and again what’s with the swoosh what relevance
does a swish have to banking or finance

also take note of how there are very small gaps
between the boomerang and the o so when the logo

is scaled down that gap is going to disappear
and things are going to become blurry but yeah

this layout just induces anxiety in general when i
look at it the logo looks like something you might

pick up on fiverr for well five dollars when
designing a financial logo you want to evoke a

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sense of trust and stability and to me this logo
doesn’t do that and it just looks really outdated

so a logo redesign fail number three is
quite an interesting and a funny story

now jcpenney is a large department store brand
with multi-billion dollar turnovers annually

in 2011 they decided to rebrand but they
had actually rebranded the year before

and they would rebrand again after this second
one now remember i said that this brand turns

over billions of dollars every single year well
they decided to hire luke langhows to redesign

their logo luke was a third year graphic design
student at the university of cincinnati so why

did a huge huge entity in this industry decide
to hire a student as opposed to you know signing

on an established design agency this choice is
completely beyond me and i don’t get it at all

now the old logo was firmly cemented in the
minds of the customer base and to be fair

to luke he did keep in with the original font and
the color scheme but he did make some fatal errors

boxing in the jcp like this creates a lot
of confusion because how is it meant to be

read is it jcp any so this design style might
work for some kind of modern architecture firm

but it didn’t appeal to the middle
class america that was meant to target

the logo was a failure and the company rebranded
again in 2012 which led to another failure and

loss in sales so finally the company
had to go back to the original design

  I tell them that identity design is a search for essence.

if you want to learn more about
logo design or just brand identity

do click the video on screen and until next
time guys design your future today peace



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