Logo Design Process With a Client

Hey there, this is Shahnewaj Palash from
logoFarmers studio today. we are going to

go through the logo design process that
I did with my client. keep watching the

video from beginning to end. I am sure
you are going to find this very

a couple of days ago I designed a logo

for my client
Lawarance Banahan. The company name was

Carrot Media. It is an advertisement
agency. The client wanted a rounded text

logo and an abstract carrot in the
circle. The color he preferred was orange.

Based on those pieces of information I
will start my initial is sketching

Before starting the sketchsession I’m
going to search on google with the

keyword carrot. I will pick a suitable
carrot photo as a reference image.

my sketch session has started. Here
I’m using adobe Photoshop and Wacom

pen tablet. You can also use a pencil and
a paper instead of those. No need to be

the drawing perfect in this stage of
work. I am just drawing quickly and

roughly to generate design concept. I

planned it to publish a series of tutorials on
Logo Design Process. If you are new to my

channel please consider subscribing.

Among all the concepts let’s go with
this one. Now I start cleaning the chosen

concept. Still it’s not mandatory to be
the drawing 100% perfect.

After finishing the drawing we will

place it to adobe illustrator.

Now we can start illustrating. At first
select the artwork, reduce the opacity to

20%. Go to object and lock the selection.

Press ctrl R to activate guide. Bring a
vertical guideline and place it in the

centre of this sketch. Color of the guide
is not clear enough. Let’s change it to

red. Go to edit select preference then
guides and Grid. Change the color to red.


press ok. Now go to the pen tool and draw the
left side of the carrot body. Make sure

the starting and ending point intersects
the guide. Apply black color to a stroke.

for better visibility and I am increasing
stop weight – With the direct selection

tool click on the top left corner. drag
this little point to turn the corner

into curve.

Now I select the object and drag it
pressing Alt and shift.

Right-clicking on the mouse go to
transform then reflect make sure the

Axis vertical is checkmarked.
Now press ok. We can hide the guidelines

for now. Move this portion closer to
another one.

Press ctrl Y to activate outline view.
and reposition it perfectly. Press

control Y again to go back to the regular view.
With the direct selection tool select

two anchor point below now right-click
and join. Do the same for another two points.

Now we have the outline of the carrot
body. With pen tool draw a diagonal line

according to the sketch. Pressing alt
drag the line to make another copy.

Now select everything, go to Shape builder
tool. pressing alter key drag over the

unnecessary lines to delete. I am also
erasing those three portions. Now without

pressing Alt key drag over these two
portions to join. Do the same here

now click each portion for once. Select
everything swipe the fill and stroke.

Apply lighter color in these two Portions.

To draw the head portion of the carrot
we need the guide again. With the pen

tool draw the left triangle according to
sketch. Select the triangle and drag

pressing Alt to make another copy. Now
reflect it vertically. Move it and


overlap with another one.

Make sure both shape together aligned
centre with the guide. draw another

triangle in the middle.

Select all the triangles and use the
shape builder tool again. Once again

select all the triangles swipe the fill
and Stroke.

Use lighter color on the middle triangle.

okay, the abstract carrot icon is ready
to use. now we are going to add rounded

text with the icon. Go to ellipse tool and
draw a circle. Using scissor tool divide

the circle into two parts. Select type on
a path tool, click once on the top part.

Type the text Carrot. With selection tool
hold the left handle and reposition it

to the starting point. Increase the font size
to 60. Let’s change the text title case

to uppercase. I’m going to use North font
for this design. Now I need to increase

the spacing between letters so I go to
character panel and increase the value

of tracking. To add a text on a bottom
part go to the type on path tool again.

Click and type media

with the selection tool. Hold the right
handle and reposition to the ending point.

Now reverse the text holding middle
handle. To align text with the circle go

to character panel and reduce the
baseline shift value. If I change the

font size, I need to adjust the
baseline shift again.

I’m also adjusting tracking value. Now
caret media text is ready for the logo.

Select both text press ctrl+G to group.
now group the caret pressing ctrl+G.

Select caret and text together. Click
horizontal align Center and vertical

align Center. Now the logo is ready for
the coloring process. For the coloring process I

often use the website Adobe color as
it’s a very good place to find a

  I tell them that identity design is a search for essence.

specific color palette. You can go to
explore and search for any color you want.

Let’s try with the keyword carrot as you
can see there are so many colors based

on carrot.

You can also create color according to
color harmony rule. I created this color

palette for the design. Now I am going to
create a gradient color swatch using

these two colors. Select this object and
go to gradient panel. Select the gradient

type linear, click once on left gradient
slider then select color picker. pick the

lighter color. Now click on another
gradient handle and pick darker color.

Now we have a nice gradient swatch for
our design. In the same way, I will create

another gradient swatch using these two

Okay, now I will apply this color in the
design. Select these two parts and apply

gradient color and select these two
parts apply flat lighter color. Selecting

all the triangles apply green gradient
color. Now I will adjust all the

gradient colors using the gradient tool.

Finally, I make a little presentation and
send it to the client for approval.

Exercise, take a screenshot of this frame
choose the concept from here and design

a logo in your way using this sketch. Then
post your design to our Facebook group. I

will let you know my opinion about your
design. You will find our Facebook group

link in the description. Thank you for your
attention if you have any question,

please let me know in the comment section
and if you did not subscribe yet, please

consider subscribing. See you in another


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