Logo Designing In 2021

the logo design world is changing that’s not
news to most people because it is constantly

changing like everything in life but brands and
logo designers are opting for a more refined and

a more simplistic solution but the question is
why today i’m going to explain exactly why that

is and also show you some recent 2020 rebrands
that’s going to illustrate this point precisely

so if you haven’t looked around and noticed
yet people crave simplicity in the modern world

our lives our technology and environments are
becoming more and more complex so we want simple

reservations simple doctor visits simple apps and
just a simple life in general however us craving

simplicity is just one side of the story as to
why logo designs are becoming more refined and

ever more basic the attention span of the common
person has plummeted in recent years the digital

information age has changed the general attention
span and this is seen in a recently published

study from researchers at the technical university
of denmark it suggests that a global attention

span is narrowing due to the amount of information
that is presented to the public and whether that’s

represented on websites apps or social media
digital platforms potentially provide richer and

deeper content for the viewer this means we’re
all swamped with information on a daily basis

but one key takeaway here and a really important
point to actually notice is that we’re doing all

of this on an increasingly smaller screen and a
less curated and a more user controlled interface


this means that the logo design has more
competition with other buttons icons and ui

elements it can get lost pretty easily and so
to summarize humans these days have less time

less attention and also they’re viewing things
on a device with less space and room now this

is in comparison to tv and desktops which
used to be the main way we absorbed media

so obviously it makes sense to refine and simplify
a logo design along with modern day society a

brand ultimately wants their logo to be memorable
and to stick in the mind of the end consumer in

a matter of seconds and this is more crucial than
ever but let’s take a look at some notorious 2020

rebrands that illustrate this point precisely
so national instruments is an american-based

producer of automated test instruments and
virtual implementation software it’s quite

a mouthful but in 2020 they have undergone a
huge rebrand towards the simple they’ve taken

their blue and black outdated logo and moved
towards a simple monogram that screams modernity

also you’re going to notice that the colors are
more bold and vibrant in many logo design rebrands

and this is because it grabs attention of that
short attention span person so the second logo

rebrand is tgi fridays so the restaurant released
a surprise rebrand in 2020 and it’s more refined

and more simplistic yet it still has the branding
elements that you can see throughout time also

notice how the design is now within a perfect
rectangle and this means it’s more streamlined

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for the web and also smart device use they’ve also
adopted a sanitary font for a more modern approach

so the third edition on today’s list is a brand
that needs no introduction and that is durex now

london-based studio havas replaced a clinical
looking capsule logo with a clean casual single

line logo now the gradient has been dropped
and that is something i’ve spoken about on this

channel so long now and it’s in my opinion that
one of the biggest sins of logo designing is using

a gradients now the fourth logo rebrand of 2020 on
today’s video is new zealand food producer whatis

now the rebrand here clears up another deadly
scene of logo designing and that is to remove

their drop shadow they’ve also rescripted their
logo type and again it’s all enclosed in a very

perfect rectangle which leads back to the notion
of design being optimized for smart devices

so what is the takeaway here and why is this so
important well if you are serious about making it

as a logo designer you need to be aware of the
environment that you’re actually designing in

making logos with drop shadows and gradients
is a thing of the past and the consumer has

less time for your designs that means that
you need to be smart about your approach and

target the end consumer more than ever in the
most effective and quick cut method possible

there are many other clear and obvious examples of

logos being refined not just in 2020 but over the
last three years if you want to learn more about

  What Is Branding

logo designing click the video on screen and
until next time guys design your future today

peace you


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