The Logo Design Process

Hello viewers
this is Shahnewaj Palash from Logo

Farmer’s studio.
Today I’m going to show another logo

design process including idea generation,
sketching and vectorizing. please keep

watching the video.
I received a new message from a client

through my mailbox.

His name is Aston Taylor. He is
interested to have a clean simple

eye-catching and memorable logo design
for his relaxing music app.

After discussing the price and deadline
I accepted his offer

and start my logo design process.

At the beginning of idea generation
process, I will pick 3 main keywords

associated with the logo. peace,

and music.

We will use these three main keywords to
extract some

unexpected ideas. This is what we call
mind mapping.

When I think about the word face
it reminds me bird.

It also reminds me of the natural.

Bird reminds dove.

Nature reminds tree and sea wave.

Tree makes me think of leaf.

do the same for next keywords love and


Here are all the keywords I found by the
mind mapping process.

Now I will select at least one suitably

from each column and combine them.
Here, the bird is common for peace and

So for this logo, I can design an icon

combining bird and heart.

Now I am going to draw some icon
concepts combining bird and heart.

Here I am using adobe photoshop and
Wacom pen tablet.

You can also use a pencil and paper
instead of those.

No need to be the drawing perfect in
this stage of work.

Just fearlessly draw whatever comes to
your mind.

I planed to publish a few more videos on
logo design process

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Among all the concepts, these three are
more relevant to peace.

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But today’s video I will develop this

Welcome back to the concept development

now i will try to develop this chosen

The first thing I can do is replace this

with a more cute bird. Let’s look for it
on google.

I think this one is cute enough. I am
going to take it

as a reference image.

Now I am going to draw another set of
bird & heart based on the reference image


This bird is looking a bit complex,
let’s simplify the bird shape.

assume the bird as a half-circle and
straight line.

Now I draw the simple version of bird

I make the heart a little bit rounded to
match the bird shape.

Let’s vectorize this version using adobe

Now it’s time to illustrate the chosen

Our design is consist of a bird and

Let’s illustrate the heart first. Select
rectangle tool and draw a rectangle

with the selection tool. Drag the object
pressing alt

key to make another copy of the rectangle.
Rotate the object vertically holding

shift key.

Now select both objects
Click once on bottom on,e then click

horizontal align right and vertical
align bottom.

Select everything and rotate again
holding shift key

Select again go to pathfinder
then unite. okay!

just one more step is left to get a
heart shape.

Take the direct selection tool and

this 4 anchor point holding shift key.

Drag this little point to turn the
corner into a curve.

Okay! we got the heart for our design.

Now it’s time to illustrate the bird

select the artwork and reduce the
opacity to 30%.

Now go to object and lock the selection.

Take the ellipse tool

and place a circle according to sketch.

Using the line segment tool draw a straight

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Now select everything and go to

shape builder too.l

Press and hold the alt key
and drag over the unnecessary lines to

With the direct selection, tool select this

anchor point.
As we can see there is an unnecessary

duplicate line.
Press backspace to remove it.

Now click on this corner,

drag this little point to turn the
corner into a curve.

Take the ellipse tool again
and draw another circle according to


Select everything and use the shape
builder tool

to remove the unnecessary part.
Now draw a little eye with circl.

Using the pen tool draw the birds peak
and tail.

I am not drawing the legs at the moment.

Okay, we have got both Bird
and heart. Colour and stroke of the bird

should match the heart. Select
the bird, take eyedropper tool,

Click on the heart to copy colour and

Now select the eye

and swipe fill and stove.

Before combining with the heart let’s
group all the parts element.

Select all right click
and group

I want to place birds backline
diagonally aligned with this line.

Go to line segment tool,

and draw a diagonal line.

Now select the line, right-click
and make guide.

Before placing the board let’s make
round the corner,

just like this sketch.
Go to the direct selection tool, click on the

and drag the point.

Do the same for the lower portion.

Now move the part towards the heart.
Now reposition according to the guide.

For more perfection, press Ctrl+Y to

outline mode,

and reposition again.

Press Ctrl+Y again to go back to
the regular view. Now I am going to turn

all the stroke into shape.


Select everything, go to object
and expand, then press ok.

Using the direct selection tool I am
rounding the tip of the tail.

Okay our design is ready for the
colouring process.

The client did not let me know any colour

So I created this three colour swatch
based on the nature theme.

With eyedropper tool pick this darker

then go to shape builder tool.

Press & hold the Ctrl key for
switching to the selection tool.

Now select all release the Ctrl
button for switching back to shape

builder tool.
Click once on bird’s body that’s it.

We have got our first colour version.

On the second version, I will just fill

inside the heart and keep empty the bird

that’s it.

Our third version would be bit more

Using the shape builder tool apply any
temporary colour

to create a shape inside the heart.

Now take the knife tool
and slice the shape into four parts.

Now apply all the colours from my palette
using the eyedropper tool.

These are three colour variants I
prepared for the peace lover logo.

Selecting a colour variant and adding

I make a little presentation and send it
to the client.

Take a screenshot of this frame, choose a

and design a logo based on the sketch.
Then post your design to our facebook

You will find the group link in


Thank you for your attention. If you have
any question

please let me know in the comment section.
and if you did not subscribe yet

please consider subscribing. See you in
another video.


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