iPhone with Peekster app



“Peekster is an award-winning app and your best friend while reading printed media.”

  • If you like print, you will
    love Peekster.

    Peekster is a mobile application and literally a bind between
    analog printed media and internet. It works like magic!

  • Peekster's inovative tech

    So simple, yet so innovative.

    We can make your reading experience so much better just by
    making a simple Tap on the screen.

  • Peekster's brands

    Don’t limit yourself.

    We support all major US and UK publishers and each day our list goes bigger and bigger. Peekster is like holding all the magazines and newspapers at once.

  • Peekster's social channels

    It’s all about friends. And you.

    Best things in life are shared with our friends. Don’t let piece of paper holding you back.

Be ready to give it a try!

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