I tell them that identity design is a search for essence.

Hi, my name is Sagi Haviv,

and I’m a partner and designer
at Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, in NYC.

Over the years, our company has designed
visual identities you might recognize

like those for
National Geographic, NBC, Animal Planet,

Mobil Oil, Chase Bank and the US Open.

When people ask me what I do,

I tell them that identity design
is a search for essence.

This means initially
listening, observing

learning, meeting, understanding,

rephrasing and even challenging.

And only then,
we start sketching and drawing,

which takes place on a continuum
between distinction and simplicity.

How special can we make a mark
while still keeping it simple.

How simple can we make it,
without becoming generic.

The beauty is in the balance.

Every design is a solution to a problem.

Our practice is a response
to a client’s needs.

But the difference between
good work and great work

is the search for something
beyond solving a problem.

We’re looking for an artistic quality.

In this Domestika course,

I will guide you through
this creative process

using basic principles of logo design

and I’ll share experiences we had

with some of my studio’s
most prestigious clients.

Through the process of working
on a logo and identity for a client,

we will explore our own identity
as graphic designers.

Who do we want to be
as practicing professionals?

This course will help you elevate
your work and your portfolio.

As a final project,

you will learn to create a logo design
for your own client

and to build a convincing case.

First, we’ll talk about what it means
to be a designer and expert.

  Branding fundamentals

We will define the criteria
for an effective logo,

and analyze some of the designs
that you submitted to us.

We will then
put the theory into practice

and walk through
a real-life logo design project.

We will go out into the field
to find and meet a client.

Next, we will follow the process
of interviews, analysis,

design strategy and concept development

that we went through
with Harvard University Press.

Finally, we’ll demonstrate how the logo
comes to life in applications

and how to develop
a comprehensive presentation

in order to build a case
for your design,

and be prepared
to deal with a challenging client.

At the end of the course,

you’ll have the tools to practice
identity design professionally.

The course is for any creative who seeks
to gain perspective on their career,

maximize their talent,

and in the process,
learn to create an effective logo

that can become the cornerstone
of a great portfolio.

Let’s create something new

that over time, will have the potential
to become iconic.


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