Starting The Branding Process

what does it take to start a business
it’s a great American dream story

there’s something inside a lot of people
in the hear like you sold your house you

put your job you built a brewery how do
you stand out in a crowded marketplace

no one’s gonna know that our product is
good especially when it goes onto the

shelves unless you know that packaging
in the marketing is there once you hit

the shelf you’re competing with
everybody else and when you’re ready to

grow your brand what’s the first step
and I’ve been doing our design work up

until now and I’m not like how to
present sure of myself in this series

we’ll give you a rare glimpse of what
happens behind closed doors will follow

creative directors Matthew and Cena and
Ben burns as they lead their client

hamiltonfamily brewery through the
branding process from start to finish

this is building a brain

this is blind a brand strategy design
consultancy based in Santa Monica

California since 1995 blind has used the
power of design to help diverse clients

reach their customers and stand out in
the marketplace my name is Ben burns

I am the digital director here at blind
and a muscle of brand strategist I’m

Matthew ensign I’m a creative director
here at blind and me and Ben are leading

the team here as we move forward in this
expedition rebranding hamiltonfamily

brewery scott walks in one day he’s our
executive producer and he’s like hey you

want to join me on this call it’s a lead
it’s a brewery I think you’d be a good

fit for it yeah sure it’s kind of random
out of the blue so we jump on a call and

on the other side of the phone I mean I
could hear his beard through the phone

we go through the normal first meeting
questions that we ask people and part of

that is trying to honor the budget when
we get there I can tell that we may not

be a good fit and so I kind of left that
call thinking like maybe we won’t be

able to help him but on that first call
I could tell that he was real he was

genuine and he really wanted guidance he
wanted help because his business was

growing and the brand needed to catch up
Josh along with his wife Kristin have

operated hamiltonfamily brewery for
almost five years with one simple

philosophy beer is like the icing on the
cake of life you know it’s it’s

something to be thankful for shared with
friends sort of good beer to good people

that kind of thing and they can get
behind that there we love people up here

and you have a customer for life

so I think some of the big things that I
understand from your initial meeting

with Josh is that they’re looking to
scale right they’re almost bursting at

the seams at this point they’ve been
operating this business for a couple of

years josh has been doing everything DIY
himself and that now they’re ready to

hit retail hit the shelves and that’s a
very important moment for a business

like this because once you hit retail
once you hit the shelf

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you’re competing with everybody else
there’s so much competition so while he

might be doing very successfully in his
own small town within his brewery now

he’s going to be competing with all the
big boys on the shelf so I’m hoping

that’s something that we can help him
with in terms of redesigning his brand

identity and repositioning his business
properly so that he stands out in the

market what is a rebrand well first
let’s start by defining what a brand is

according to Marty new Meyer a brand is
a person’s gut feeling about an

organization person or company this is
influenced by their visual aesthetic the

sound of their messaging and their
overall positioning in the market so a

rebrand is simply an adjustment of the
customer touch points that affect the

impact of the overall experience
sometimes it’s an incremental update and

other times it’s a complete makeover
before we know how much work needs to

get done for hamiltonfamily brewery we
need to sit down with them and

understand their brand their customers
and their goals

who is hamiltonfamily brewery hi my name
is Josh Hamilton my wife and I own

hamiltonfamily brewery and Rancho
Cucamonga California I’m Christine

Hamilton I am co-owner with Owen my
husband of Hamilton family brewery the

whole way we got into this was I brewed
in my backyard and I fell in love and it

was the first time I ever knew like this
is what I want to do with my life and I

never really had a passion it’s like
that’s what I want to spend my life’s

work doing until I met beer but there
was no way it’s it’s so expensive to do

it my wife and I had a second baby on
the way I was working two full-time jobs

and I was like man I’m doing all this so
I can pay a mortgage for a house that

all I do is sleep in I had an idea to
ask my wife one night in the long drive

home like what if he sold the house and
we took the money and we started a

brewery who sold the house in like three
days moved in with her folks

he found that spot got that open in
about seven months which at the time was

I got hurt at most breweries took about
a year and a half we did it in seven we

needed to I mean we were down to like
our bank account was at zero on opening

day you know that was the first time we
were about to open the doors her getting

ready and my wife’s like what if no one
shows up and I was like oh I haven’t had

a chance to think about that you know
but luckily we open the door 15 minutes

early and there was a line of people and
it just never stopped so now they’re up

and running but a craft brewery needs
original and enticing flavors to keep

people coming in so where did those
initial ideas come from I’m shopping

with the kids at the grocery store and I
see a display of a certain fruit I think

oh gosh that would be pretty cool we
should add that to a beer so it’s kind

  The Logo Design Process

of just like there’s a whole lot of
input around me forming that kind of

thing like the whole idea for Mango as
they were on sale at stater brothers

when we were shopping buddy yeah a buddy
and I when we were just home brewers we

were just sorry we were buying stuff to
barbecue in the backyard and also brew a

batch of beer it’s like where we all
started and they had mangoes for a buck

apiece I was like do you think those
would be good in beer and he’s like yeah

this let’s grab one let’s try and put
them in this pail and then over the

years the pale turned into an IPA into a
double IPA and you know it’s double

mango like a rule I have personally is
like if is it a beer that I’m gonna want

to drink another pint of and then
determine if we’re gonna brew it again

so the first time you met Josh and you
learned about them as a client what was

your take on them the business was more
to him than dollars and cents and the

business was more to him than making a
product it was about people is about

connecting with people and he summed
that up with that

the tagline love people love beer it’s
our mission statement it’s our goal and

it’s our driving force and we put it in
that order intentionally because it’s

not love beer love people what’s the
what good is the greatest bottle of beer

if there’s no one there to drink it and
I’ve been doing our design work up until

now and I’m not like how to present sure
of myself

oh man that logo well we’re not the logo
and I wanted to put so much meaning that

does not get translated at all we were
Ranchos first craft brewery I was born

and raised out here so I was proud of
that so we wanted to tie our brand in

with the historic elements of the city
being their first brewery so this is a

Cucamonga Falls it soon are you
expecting your customers to be like

Nicholas Cage and that national treasure
movie ever with the meaning what prized

is at the end of this road I don’t know
that crazy like all in four color small

font weird stuff logo I’ve made it cause
more problems just from a practical

standpoint like how does this look on a
bottle cap I was look on a koozie

obviously the logo is like super
cluttered it’s really dense it’s not

legible in small sizes these are this is
all the stuff that he that he wanted to

fix mm-hmm but when I talked to Josh and
realized how much hidden meaning was

behind every single element of the logo
we weren’t even communicating to our

customer what we were hoping to there
was so much like insider like yeah we

were trying to create a sense of like
history and heritage and a family tree

yeah that was an accident the tree is on
there because it’s part of the Hamilton

so just assumed whatever they thought it
was and that wasn’t even what we were

  How to Design a Logo for Beginners

going for so logo is more or less the
face of a company so what makes for a

good logo
well according to legendary designer

Ziggy Javie that must be three things
must be appropriate for the context it

must be remember
and it must be simple so that it works

at any scale whether it’s really tiny on
your phone or on the side of a building

for hamiltonfamily brewery it’s gonna
apply to a lot of customer touch points

basically what we’re gonna be doing is
redoing his logo mm-hmm doing two

versions of packaging templates that he
can tap into and and at a later date and

then we’re also gonna be doing his
website hmm

and we’re gonna try and tie everything
together with a style guide that he can

use to influence all the other touch
points of his brand right if we can come

up with like the parameters we playing
what represents us well and everybody

loves bearded hipster dragon slaying
unicorn cupcake flying ninja rainbows

how does what is what is Hamilton’s
version of a ninja rainbow are you uh

are you worried about this one
um I’m kind of half in half right now

Josh could go to retail with the brand
he has now but it would be a bumpy bumpy

road so I want to on our next episode
we’re going to take you through

discovery the process that we use to
help a client refine how they see

themselves and to find who they’re
trying to market to this whole thing is

just about me asking questions and then
the questions are meant to spark a

conversation I think our product is good
but no one’s gonna know that our product

is good especially when it goes onto the
shelves unless you know though that

packaging in the marketing is there our
hometown crowd gets us that you know

they we’ve shipped their hands in the
tasting room we’ve made connections

there and that goes a long way with them
but now it’s gonna be a can of beer

sitting on a shelf that someone’s gonna
need to connect with in future episodes

we’ll use that information to create
style scapes which will help to define

the look and feel of Hamilton’s new
identity starting to use the crest art

badge right this jewel shield thing I
could see that replicated throughout I

really like the colors white a bit all
right so we’re calling this one built to

last it’s really cool these style scales
will be the backbone of the logo work

website design and branding we will
create for them I’ve literally not seen

anything Emanuel
done and his skill with the pen and

paper and the way that he constructs his
lockups it’s just awesome and so as soon

as he opened his book of life stay tuned
for building a brand right here on the

future so the whole purpose of this part
of the discussion is to talk about the

deliverables what do you think
deliverables me


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